One of the most important vegetables in the world is potato. It was popular many years ago. Nowadays it is a part of the most popular international cuisines. There are many different dishes which are common in many countries. People adore potato mash. Children or adults can eat lots of kilos of fries. Potato is a very popular fixing. Tater tot has gained much popularity among many people. This popularity is connected to the easiness of cooking and accessibility of products. Due to this fact, people invented a special holiday during which people can taste the product in almost every restaurant. When is National Tater Tot Day in 2020? How can people celebrate this occasion?


This meal was made in 1953. It was founded by Golden and Nelphi Grigg. They had some amount of slivers which were produced from cut-up potatoes. The slivers were mixed with seasoning, then flour. The mixture was mashed. That result became a very good meal. It was offered to customers in 1956. According to its history the meal wasn’t very expensive.

Despite its low price the product wasn’t very popular at first. Customers didn’t think it was very a valuable product. There is an interesting fact that people didn’t buy the product. But when its price rose, the meal became very popular among customers. Nowadays tater tots are annually sold in amount of 32 million kilos.

Tater Tots

The occasion was proposed in 2009. The first area where the product was advertised was Twitter. A food writer posted an article about this kind of food. It became a great act because many people caught the idea of celebrating the occasion. Lots of people has got acquainted with

Potato is considered to be one of the most famous products for several hundreds of years. It is the 4th largest crop in the world. People of the American continent used to eat potato for hundreds of years. They gave this vegetable its own history. The spread of potato all over the world happened due to conquistadors.

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European accepted the vegetable and invented many different dishes which are nowadays considered to be the representatives of their own cuisines. Amount of harvesting is huge. People can attend cafes during days devoted to the specialized holidays. Try to find the calendar of events in your own town “What day World Tater Tot Day in 2020?” It’s observed on the 2nd of February.


What does National Tater Tot Day mean for potato lovers and cafes and restaurants? According to the statistics, the vegetable has set a certain place in every menu. People are eager to taste a new dish made of potato. Customers always try a new hot dish made of this vegetable. If you like such meals, you should go to any local café and try a new kind of a meal made from the vegetable.

A huge amount of such meals can be found in specialized restaurants. They propose many variants of mashed or fried potatoes. Besides, there’re many variants of pies and other potato cakes. Every person can find a suitable variant which is appropriate to his own taste and diet.

Another side of the meaning is that the day can be a great time to meet friends or relatives and make a festive dinner according to common traditions. There’s almost nobody in the world who doesn’t like meals made from potato. It is high time to show your culinary skills. If a person is creative, the day can be spent making different interesting figures from the vegetable. The result of curving can be set in the internet. You can also spend the day with children who can create their own sauce for tater tot. Invent your own recipe and post it in the internet. When is International Tater Tot Day 2020? It’s celebrated on the 2nd of February.

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The meaning of the holiday can’t be clearly understood by every person in the world. Fries and mashed potatoes are very habitual to people almost from every country. But variations of fried meal are the national meals of not many countries. That’s why it’s very difficult to understand what tater tots are. This meal is accepted in the USA and some other territories of the world. When people from other countries hear the title of the occasion, they almost don’t know exactly what they should do on the occasion.

The best way to understand the way of observing the moment is to find information about the meal in the internet. Many dictionaries give information about the observance. It is exactly known that the word “tater” appeared in the middle of the 18th century in America. It is an abbreviation of the word “potato”. The term is a phonetic derivative of the word “tato”. The part “tot” was supposedly created to be used for children. It is a diminutive usage. Some territories use the term “tots” in their cuisine.

The term is a trademark which was officially registered by Ore-Ida. The vegetables are fried deeply. They are very small and have a shape of a cylinder. The product is mixed with some ingredients. What is the date of National Tater Tot Day 2020? It’s set on February, 2.


This meal is useful for young Americans. They eat it for lunch and other kinds of meals. Tater tots are sold in almost all cafeterias of the USA. School cafes aren’t an exception. People sometimes serve the meal for their home dinner or supper. That’s why the product can be found in a grocery store in sections of the frozen food. Fast-food sections also provide selling the product.

Ham and cheese Tater Tots

“Tater Treats” is one of the most popular food chains. It is a brand of Safeway Inc. the most widely used topping for the dish id chili. People also like cheese in combination with the product. Besides, “Cheesy Tots” are also very popular, especially among children.

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You can find the meal in some Mexican restaurants. They propose their variant of the meal. They sell “Potato Locos” and “Mexi-Fries”. These variants have a different shape comparing with the original version. The fans of the meal can find it in New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The day can be observed in one of the restaurants. People can also spend it at home cooking tater tots. Make a special holiday when your friends can eat the most delicious meal with different kinds of sauce. Post a photo of your party in the internet. Watch the observance in the net. “ When is Tater Tot Day in 2020, calendar of events?” The date of observance is February, 2nd.

International Tater Tot Day Facts

  • The meal was invented in 1953.
  • The founders were F.N.Grigg and G.Grigg.
  • The name of the product was proposed in a process of a competition.
  • The meal is a trade-mark.
  • The term appeared as a slang abbreviation.
  • The product has been sold from 1953.
  • More than 70 mln pounds are consumed only in the USA.
  • The product is very nutritive because of potato.
  • The term “potato” itself derived from “patata” which was used in Spain.
  • There’re lots of minerals and vitamins.
  • The meal also absorbs lots of fat.
  • It is one of the most used snacks in the USA.
  • According to the historical statistics, the lack of potato can lead to the death of millions of people.


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