The brightest and the most fair-haired part of the humanity finally got its own long-awaited reason to celebrate!

When is National Blonde Day in 2020? Youโ€™re a few lines away from finding it out!


There are several stories about how the heroines of the many anecdotes, addicted to the hydrogen peroxide and the hands of the master, and the lovers of the true gentlemen got the date out of the world community.

The first one tells that it happened in 2006 when the Brilliant Heel award was staged in honor of the blondes. It was organized with the pure chick and praised the talented, intelligent, successful, stylish, and feminine creatures with the fair hair on their heads.

The second one claims that the founders of the holiday were thefair-haired lawyers from the United States of America who was not okay with the situation of the putting obstacles in their way to the peak of the career by the mean colleagues of the male sex. They complained that the latter didnโ€™t take them for real and, besides, got the bigger salary. The offensive jokes made them determined to fight for their rights in this interesting way.


And the adherents of the third one believe that the observance was born in the beginning of the 21st century with the release of the movies called โ€œLegally Blondeโ€ with the Reese Witherspoon as the main actress. The film was so popular among the public that the holiday was announced right within the next week after the premiere!

When is International Blonde Day 2020? The real blonde must know for sure. If you have one in your circle, try her out!


What does National Blonde Day mean? It means refuting the well-accepted myth about the fair-haired being the stupid and characterless persons.

Of course, the fair-haired girl or woman is a rare phenomenon. The scientists are sure that by the end of the 22nd century, there would be none of the natural beauties left! For the last fifty years, their number reduced down to fourteen percent of the population. Just think that a century ago, their dominance was about forty percent more.And the reasons for it are the following: for the child to be blonde, both of their parents must have the fair hair. Second, in the countries, where the population is primarily dark-haired, their number grows while the fair-haired usually have one child.

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The last blonde person, according to the scientists, would be born in Scandinavia where the biggest number of the blondes lives. Why it happens is not yet explained, but the natural blonde is a rare phenomenon.


In the most primitive sense, the blonde is a woman or a girl with the fair hair coat. In the wider sense, the hair is not the most prominent characteristic of a creature. According to the etymology, the blonde is equal to the quintessence of the femininity, especially on the point of the manner of thought.

Actually, the gentlemen donโ€™t necessarily prefer the blondes only. The color of the hair is just one of the components that sum up the whole appearance. It is just an old stereotype, as old as the myth about their stupidity. Maybe it is the men who become numb and dumb in their presence? In any way, itโ€™s all about the hormones. Next to the fair-haired creature, the males feel that their organisms have more estrogen than the brunettes, for example. Therefore, they are able to give birth to more children than their competitors.

Regardless of what day World Blonde Day in 2020 falls on, always have a bit of a respect for these women.

All gamuts of the natural skin, eye, and hair colors are defined by the melanin. It is a pigment that is formed on the melanocytes โ€“ the special cell of the skin and the iris. The color depends on the number of the melanin and the correlation of its two forms โ€“ the black and the yellow ones, as well on the size of their granules and the depth of location in the skin. For sure, the experts know only the following fact: the dark hair dominates the fair and both of them dominate over the red hair.

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What about the most famous blondes in the history of the world? The most popular one is, of course, Marylyn Monroe. Even today, she is considered to be the standard of the beauty. She introduced the feminine body shape, sensual lips, cat eyelines, childish chubby cheeks, and the platinum blonde. She is the first sex icon of the Hollywood and that explains everything.

Grace Kelly was a cold Nordic fair-haired woman who, unlike Marylyn, was for another value. For example, for the aristocracy in the face, stamina, and the ideal posture. Bridget Bordo was also a sex symbol of the Hollywood yet in another appearance โ€“ she was with the tangled hair, cigarette in her mouth, and wore the shirt over the naked body. The smoky eyes, big lips, and the sensual carelessness โ€“ all came from that woman. Catherine Deneuve was like Grace Kelly and got naked on the camera as easy as Bridget Bordo. She was an excellent actress and the sex symbol at the same time which was considered to be a rarity combined in one woman. There was no one else more desired than Kim Basinger โ€“ another blonde on the course โ€“ during the 80โ€™s. The star of many thrillers, she was an angel like the fair-haired woman with the plump lips and the ideal proportions, similar to the todayโ€™s Victoriaโ€™s Secret models. How did she manage to go all the way from the Bond girl to the Oscar nominee?


Sharon Stone was a loud name in the 90โ€™s. โ€˜The Basic Instinctโ€™ main actress, she went down in the history due to the image of the femme fatal and the highest IQ. Pamela Anderson is the main association that comes into the head when we hear the word starting on b. Se cultivated the idea of beauty in the style of the Playboy magazine, without the touch of the naturalness. The woman in the red bikini became the dream of the lionโ€™s share of the men on this planet.

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What is the date of National Blonde Day 2020? It is January 22th.

How can we not mention Britney Spears? In the 90โ€™s, she was a symbol of the world pop culture. The short tops, low jeans, and the piercing in the naval โ€“ this was a successful combination of the naรฏve girl and the charismatic woman. The same applies to Paris Hilton. Her time was a period of the Swarovski crystals, pink colors in every detail of the outfit, and the pure glamour. This was an era of the rich grandpaโ€™sdaughter. She was an it-girl and the real society lioness with the great expertise in partying all the time. Scarlett Johansson โ€“ a muse of Woody Allen and Sophia Coppola โ€“ is a stereotypic blonde girl yet so loved by the producers and the audience that the movies with her participation gather millions all over the world. In the time of the anorexic women, she is an extinct type! Charlize Theron is the most beautiful actress in Hollywood and the Dior presenter speaks for all blondes in this world. Agree?


What is the best way to celebrate the holiday? In some of the capitals, there are the real fair-haired festivals. The movement on the main streets is limited while everyone watches the procession consisted of the wonderful fair-haired half of the mankind.

Besides, lots of the nightclubs offer a deal that lets the blondes enter without tickets and fares.

International Blonde Day Facts

  • The very first fair-haired woman in history is, of course, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite

Mark in your calendar, when is Blonde Day in 2020, and pay attention to every hero of this day that you are familiar with!


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