When is National Donut Day in 2022? This is the question, which can be answered properly only by a few people, most part of them works in the cafes or this yummy production industry. And it seems to be rather unfair. Why? โ€“ You see, this snack has had a great number of fans and lovers all around the planet and they donโ€™t know about the opportunity to celebrate the special occasion devoted to their favorite meal.

So we have decided to investigate this matter in order to accustom you with the most terrific pieces of information.


In our attempts to find out the answer to the set above question as the subject โ€œWhen is International Donut Day 2022?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention the peculiar features of the amazing history, belonging to this holiday.

Back in the 16th century, “balls baked in the fat” appeared in the northern German lands. The interesting thing is that at that very moment locals didnโ€™t think of calling then in a simple way. The long name in its turn was difficult both to be memorized and to be pronounced.

There is a terrific legend according to which one of the first doughnuts was baked on the battlefield by the confectioner Friedrich the Great in 1756. He fried them in horse fat on an open fire, almost fried.

We would like to mention that the inventor made them rotund in order to give a similarity to the cannonballs, because of the war.


By the way, during the First World War, American soldiers were also left without a sweet. Cute girls who carried sweets to soldiers, raised their fighting spirit, for the sake of it, they established a holiday! And in the 1950s beautiful girls even fought for the title “Queen of Doughnuts”, burgers and French fries did not even dream of it.

Nowadays this unusual holiday is celebrated every first Friday in June. Would you like to join?


What does National Donut Day mean? Oh, please, donโ€™t ask us to give the proper reply. We donโ€™t know how to do it. Why? โ€“ The matter is that we find it to be rather individual or even personal. That is the reason, why we mustnโ€™t dedicate you whether to celebrate this special occasion or not.

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By the way, do you know how to explain in a pastry shop and ask for a doughnut in other countries? In Israel, this dessert is called sufganiyah, in Ukraine – pampushkas (they all call it that, it seems), in Poland – pฤ…czki, in Bosnia – krofne, in Croatia almost the same – krafne, in France โ€“ beignet and in the USA – just donut.

“Donut Day” was an annual special occasion during the Great Depression, when the Chicago department of the so called “Salvation Army”. In accordance with some documents initially it was organized as an action in honor of war volunteers. Since that very moment the tasty holiday has found a nationwide scale, retaining its main idea – collecting donations in favor of the hungry. In the coffee houses, charity brands worth one dollar are on display this day, and everyone can add them to their account.

Today the donut has its own note in the “Guinness Book of Records” thanks to a specimen weighing 3.5 tons and a diameter of 6 meters. The giant consisted of 90,000 ordinary doughnuts. And even there was a monument in New Zealand purple and pink in honor of the full-length “The Simpsons”, which was released in 2007. It’s a pity, after 2 years the vandals burned the “yummy”.


So you have already got our wide answer to “What is the date of National Donut Day 2022?” but not everybody gets that for a precious treat we should go to London.

There, in the Selfridges store, you will see a piece of confectionery art, called Krispy Kreme deluxe. It costs one and a half thousand dollars but not much like a donut even in form. Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy it, because this is a prize for Claudine Taylor, who won some kind of make-up contest and as a reward receivedย  not a usual medal, not a boring goblet and even not common money, but a huge doughnut. This is a rather strange story, isn’t it?

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The thing contains the most expensive ingredients: jelly, produced from Dom Perignon champagne, a special berry variety, expensive Chateau d’Yquem cream, hand-made white chocolate from Belgium, edible kind of gold and small edible either diamonds. It’s just some kind of madness.

However, donโ€™t worry, a budget copy of this donut can still be bought! – In the same place, for 69 dollars. Would you like to try it?

Also we want to tell you that the American Voodoo Doughnut sells the most disgusting kind of sweets: pieces of salted bacon with maple syrup look like some kind of bacchanalia and sodomy. At the same time, the doughnut queue now stands already on the street, and the bacon “sweets” are sold at times more than the classical ones. And another rather strange marketing move – in the assortment of donut a lot of desserts with … portraits of deceased customers. Wow!


When is Donut Day in 2022, calendar will tell you. There are no reasons for being worried about! Have you already decided, how to celebrate 5thย Friday in June.

Frankly speaking, there is no any list for rules, combined with this special day. But this is not a problem, isnโ€™t it? โ€“ This is just a chance and a perfect opportunity to invent something special. What about trying new tastes?

Donut with chocolate topping

People usually prefer to buy the yummy thing in the nearest shop or bakery this day. You can also go out to the cafรฉ together with you friend, relatives or even alone. Why not?

Many US chain bakeries treat the doughnut for free. In the cafรฉ of the popular network Dunkin ‘Donuts specializing in coffee and items, it is enough to buy any drink to get one from a yeast dough with stuffing and sugar powder on top of a crust. If a visitor acquires a brand or two, it means he/shewill be given a flavored donut to someone who was in need.

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It is believed that the art of baking donates in the New World was brought by the Danes. Over the past 200 years, Americans have changed the spelling of the word with the catchy European doughnut to the simplest donut. However, this did not affect the taste of the national dessert.

International Donut Day Facts

So, you have already been ready to celebrate the holiday, devoted to the subject, what day World Donut Day in 2022 is. We have already give you the list of pieces of advice, how to do it properly, but now we are going to surprise you by amazing information about this topic.

If you are not a sweetheart and are afraid to feel like a white crow on Doughnut Day, please, donโ€™t worry! You can really solve all your problems eating an unusual thing with curry. This yummy thing is waiting for you at the Yamanote Atelier.

For the first time it happened in Dubai, where the Japanese bakery decided to transform the classic donut and add to it the so called Tokyo flavor. And what is the main secret of unusual donuts: a warm, tender and heavily roasted round thing from dough with some unexpected filling – in this case with rich flavoring shades of Japanese katsu curry. If you try at least one and drink a cup of hot tea, it will not work. You have to do it again and again in order to understand all the peculiar features of this product.

In general, it occurs that doughnuts can inspire people for art creation. In fact, in accordance with some points of view, they even do it endlessly. Donโ€™t you believe us? โ€“ Ok, we are ready to prove. Letโ€™s take, for example, Eric Joyner, a well-known in certain circles artist, who is working in the genre of pop surrealism. The main characters of his paintings are retro robots and giant donuts. We are delighted!


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