All the modern processes which are crowned with success are the outcome of hard work and right organizational policy. We will talk about one of the most up-to-date topics nowadays – project management. Employees of every serious company should know when International Project Management Day in 2022 is.

So, P.M.D. is observed annually since 2004 on 3rd of November and is held in order to emphasize the role of management in our modern life.


The beginning of the history of m. development was laid by the thinker Plato, who wrote that there must be a division of labor for achieving high results. Then Socrates made his contribution, noting that regardless of the type of activity, the duties of an employee are the same, the main thing is to correctly distribute labor and authority, then the production process will be much more effective. Later, Cato the Elder described how the managers accounted to the owner for the work done and made profit reports to him in comparison with previous results.

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Modern scientists and economists collected the history of the emergence and development of administration step by step, identifying the main factors that influenced the evolution from simple ideas to science:

  1. Social and then industrial production developed
  2. There were innovators and theorists who collected and generalized the experience
  3. The logic of administration began to develop on the basis of the above two factors, which brought the system of principles into operation and made management a science

Before talking further about the issue, letโ€™s find the roots and main development branches of the origin, and find out on what day National Project Management Day in 2022 is.

The historical development

The history of the administration emergence is based on experience collected by our ancestors. It was noted that using certain rules of the division of labor and the right motivation, any activity started to bring much better results. Over the years, the basic principles have not changed but only with each turn of civilization have become overgrown with additions and new approaches to subordinates.

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The main stages of the history of management development:

  1. Ancient period. The longest, from the 9th millennium B.C. to the XVIII century. The period of accumulation of knowledge and experience.
  2. The industrial period from 1776 to 1890. Labor control was classified and divided into forms of work. This is due to A. Smith. It becomes a teaching, and it is actively used in the controlling of both production and government.
  3. The period of systematization from 1856 to 1960. The science of control is actively and rapidly developing, new doctrines and approaches to effective organization appear, the history of the development of m. as a science begins, the first managers appear – they were representatives of the owner in the workplace.
  4. Information period, from 1960 to the present day. Any logical process can be expressed mathematically using computer technology. This makes it possible to choose the program of work more quickly. There is a revision of the internal structures of organizations. In the history of development, new forms of internal planning are emerging: simulation modeling, the method of analysis, and the mathematical evaluation of decisions. Without these forms, no modern direction of science can do.

The history of development stages

  • Management as a science

From the scientific point of view, it solves such problems:

  • explains the nature of managerial actions;
  • establishes cause-effect relationships in the work;
  • Identifies the factors and conditions necessary for joint operations;
  • Develops effective methods of control and strategy;
  • Predicts possible further events.

Today, the history of the modern control development is constantly replenished with new works and directions, this is connected with the rapid development of mankind in all branches.

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The main principles of the modern management system are:

  • A systemic and situational approach to the subject
  • Innovations
  • The responsibility to the society
  • An orientation on human capabilities

In recent years, the system of international control required many radical changes for normal working conditions. This is the whole American history of this science. To put it briefly, all the transitions from one stage to the next were not due to a natural historical process, but because of coups d’etat.

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Works of scientists

In the late 1940s, the American mathematician N. Wiener published his famous book “Cybernetics”, which opened a new era in the science of organization. In this work, the author said that management processes exist in technical, physical, biological and social systems. He also introduced the concept of negative and positive feedback, which initiated another important concept – the stability of the functioning of the system. In the USSR, this direction was actively picked up, although for political reasons, instead of the term “cybernetics”, “automatic control” was used. Thanks to the achievements of Soviet researchers of that period – A. Berg, A. Kolmogorov, V. Glushkov and others, it became possible to implement the most sophisticated flight control systems for rocket and space technology.

In the same period, there were works by the Austrian Ludwig von Bertalanffy, which used techniques called the “systems approach in administration”. Although, as it turned out later, many of the ideas used by von Bertalanffy were proposed back in the 1920s by a scientist A. Bogdanov.

In the 1990s, the administration began to actively use the synergetic approach, the founder of which is the Belgian physicist of Russian descent I. Prigozhin. Synergetics allows you to take into account so-called cooperative effects which allow you to achieve more with less effort.

When Project Management Day will be in 2022, a calendar at your social media page can highlight the aforementioned facts to show your friends who are project managers how ancient their profession is.

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What does National Project Management Day mean will be told below. It means that the project managers who are responsible for a consistent and securely built process of organizing work on the implementation of a particular project are in the spotlight and everyone should congratulate them. It doesnโ€™t matter if you are a colleague or a friend. Moreover, donโ€™t forget about social media posting and modern hashtags.


So, what is the date of World Project Management Day 2022 – was told in the beginning of the article and now, we will define a project manager. This professional is distinguished by the ability to carefully evaluate the success of a project and make some notes from the experience. He is interested in the development process of the project as a whole, not limited to the final product. The present project administrator is relevant not only to the final result – it goes all the way from the beginning to the end.


In the USA, there are not many traditions since 2004, and you should navigate you depending on the state you are in because each one has its own roots of the topic. Itโ€™s recommended to gather your colleagues who are managers and go out to a bar or for a picnic to spend time greatly. If you have a friend in this field, then you must congratulate him/her on this day.

International Project Management Day Facts

  1. When you hire a manager, the most important quality is considered talent, then – work experience, dedication, and professionalism.
  2. When an administrator motivates a subordinate, the emphasis is on the strengths of the employee, not his weakness.

To sum up, when International Project Management Day in 2022 is held, remember to control yourself and donโ€™t forget about holidays that are celebrated every day.


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