St George is also known as Giorgio or Joris Cappadocia. He was born in Cappadocia; He died in the year 303. His name is linked to many legends, and there are different versions about its descent. There is substantiation that George actually suffered martyrdom in Diospolis in Palestine until the reign of Constantine, probably under Diocletian. Perhaps he was born in Christian parents in Cappadocia, where his father was martyred. And when is St. George’s Day in 2022? The answer to this question you will know after reading the article.

St. George’s Day 2018


George was born in the III century in the Palestinian town of Lydda, in the family of Christians. When he is growing up, he entered the military service. Thanks to his sharp mind and powerful physique, he made a military career and quickly reached the rank of tribune, that is, the Colonel. He was a favorite of the emperor of Rome, and soon after he was made captains of thousands, Georgy was asked to lead the protection of the royal family.

George’s mother died when the boy was 20 years old; from her, he inherited a rich legacy. George wanted to be more successful in the service under the emperor, but this was prevented by the persecution of Christians who found the future martyr in Nicodemus. After hearing about the persecution of fellow believers, George distributed all his possessions to the poor, and came to the emperor and publicly declared about his faith in Christ. By order of the emperor, he was captured and tortured.

On the first day of his detention was a miracle when George was driven into the prison with the help of heavy stakes, one of them is broken, like a twig, without causing damage to the prisoner. After that, he was subjected to torture with boulders.

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Others tortured of George:

  • On the second day, George was broken on the wheel. When present at the torture Emperor thought that the prisoner gave up the ghost, an angel appeared which was welcomed by George.
  • When the executioners realized that the prisoner is still alive and took him from the wheel, we saw that all the wounds inflicted on him for two days had disappeared.
  • In anger, tormentors threw him into a pit filled with quicklime, but then George was still alive.
  • The next day the executioners broke all the bones in the limbs, but the next morning he was again brought before the jailers completely healed.
  • Finally, on the seventh day, he was forced to drink 2 cups of poisons that are cooked by sorcerer Athanasius. A poison had to deprive George of mind, and the other had to kill. But the potion did not cause any harm to the saint.

After these several miracles were committed by Saint:

  1. The resurrection of the deceased;
  2. The revival of the fallen on that prompted many witnesses to the path of Christian doctrine.

However, according to all sources, torture is not shaken the George faith in Christ. After much persuasion to renounce his faith and seek to paganism, he was sentenced to death. On the night before his execution, George has given a vision in a dream: the Saviour in a gold crown appeared to him and said that after the death Paradise is waiting for George. And George called a slave, to which dictated everything that he heard from the Prophet in a dream and commanded to send his body to Palestine after the death.

St. George

Diocletian before execution again visited George and again invited him to renounce the Christian faith. His former chief of the guard, in response, asked to take him to the temple of Apollo. His will was executed. Once inside the temple, the Saint stood before the statue of the pagan God to his full height and said, “Can it be true for you that I give to the slaughter? And can you as a God to accept this sacrifice? “Then, blessed the banner of the cross the statue and himself. In this way, he forced the demon sitting in a statue to reveal a face of a fallen angel, and broke all the idols that were in the temple.

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The priests were very enraged because of this; they pounced on George and began beating him. At this point, the Empress Alexandra rushed in the church, and falling down before a martyr to her knees, began to sob, and forgive the sins of her husband. The miracle which occurred in the temple drew her to the Christian faith. Overcome by anger Diocletian ordered to cut off the heads of George and Alexandra. Having read the last prayer, George with a smile puts his head on the chopping block. With the death of George Alexander Roman, wife of Diocletian took the death of Martyr.

What day St. George’s Day in 2022? This holiday is celebrated on April 23, 2022. When is St. George’s Day in 2022, calendar shows us that is Sunday.

Facts about George in other cultures

In Islamic doctrine, George has known by the names Gigris, Dzhirdis, and Al-Judi. This is one of the main figures, which are not reflected in Koran. Islamic legend of Georgia is very similar to the Greek and Latin.

St. George’s Day

Georgians believe George the patron of his powers on a par with Virgin. Local legends say that St. Gregory was a relative of Equal to the Apostles Nina Enlightener of Georgia. And you should know when is St. George’s Day 2022 celebrated in Georgia.

An important place in traditional Ossetian beliefs takes Uastergi, white-bearded old man on a white horse. He is revered as the patron saint of men and women can not pronounce his name. What is the date of St. George’s Day 2022? As in Georgia, the celebration begins on November 23 and lasts the week. 10 churches and chapels of the 56 operating in North Ossetia dedicated to George.

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On April 23 Greeks celebrate this saint, which is called Agios Eoros. In Greece, George is the patron saint of farmers and shepherds, and he is one of the most important rural Greece festivals dedicated to him. Sometimes the holiday is transferred to the first Monday after Easter (when April 23 falls on Lent).

In honor of this holy the main temple in the Istanbul quarter of Phanar was consecrated, the Ecumenical Patriarch. With the end of the XX century, the veneration of the great martyr George in the monastery dedicated to him, which is located on the island of Buyukada (Prinkipo) in the Sea of Marmara, has acquired a unique character. April 23, the commemoration day of the martyr, many Turks are going to the celebration and they do not consider themselves to be of the Christian faith.


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