Itโ€™s rather hard to find someone who has never tried alcohol. Moreover, the most popular drinks such as whiskey, cognac, vodka, and tequila. Yeap, right uโ€™re โ€“ tequila. One of the most demanded product will be discussed today. So, letโ€™s find out what and when the National Tequila Day in 2022 is?

National Tequila Day is observed annually on 24th of July and is held to respect such a beverage by drinking it in huge quantities. Nevertheless, the founder and the origin of such โ€œhigh-degreeโ€ holiday still remains unclear.

Inlaid with diamonds, “Hacienda La Capilla” bottle is the most expensive one in the world, it costs about $3.5 million.


Well, letโ€™s get acquainted with the topicโ€™s history before getting directly to what day National Tequila Day in 2019 is.

National Tequila Daัƒ

The history of a beverage begins around the end of the 19th century. The birthplace of tequila is considered the Mexico state. But much earlier, a drink called mezcal appeared, which is considered the progenitor of our drink.

The history of a drink development is directly related to Mexico, as well as mainly with family communities and family businesses.

Mescal was produced after the subjugation of the Latin America by Spaniards in about 1535. Mescal was called differently: wine from agave, brandy-mescal, mescal-tequila and then one of the varieties was called โ€” tequila. This name was given to this alcoholic drink from a town Tequila. This city is located in the state of Jalisco.

According to one version, tipple comes from the Nahuatl people. And it means โ€œharvesting placeโ€. According to another version, the word comes from the language of the Nahuatl โ€œtequitlโ€. And in Cascaรญin, the term Tequila โ€” changed “tetilla” means volcanoes that looked similar in shape to the female breasts.

The production of our beverage consists of the following stages: harvesting, preparation and testing, purification of raw materials, ferment, distillation, aging โ€” senescence and the last step โ€” bottling.

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To start, a fried core is extracted from the blue agave. One of the 136 species of agave that grows in Mexico is Tequilana weber azul. Harvest lasts for 8 to 10 years, depending on different factors. Agave is used only once.

The heart (root), or pina, is used in a production of a beverage. The weight of a mature pina is approx. 35-135 kg. For example: up to 4 liters of tequila could be produced from the root of the agave weighing 28 kg. And at the end of the production, the ratio of 7 kg per 1 liter is usually taken. Thus, out of 45 kg, 5 liters will be produced.

To get a tequila from a raw agave, water is also needed. The following factors affect the final result: what state of the agave plant, the amount of sugar, what type of leaves were used.

TMA is a disease of plants that has reduced the volume of agave cultivation used for the production. This entailed a decline in production and price growth in the early 2000s, and due to a long time of plant growth, it is likely to have an impact on production volumes and prices for several more years.


Knowing what does National Tequila Day mean will supervise you in understanding the sense of a holiday. So, when National Tequila Day in 2022 will be held, the main task is to gather all your friends and relatives and have a great time with a bottle of such amazing drink. Also, the issue of choosing the type of tequila is placed on the top before buying some.

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There are about 1000 brands existing in the world, so it’s worth knowing about the classification and what categories exist so as not to get lost in such abundance. The main target of the drink categories is to help the customer to choose the right one, by providing information about production place, time of aging and the sort of drink. First of all, there are two main varieties of a beverage.

Varieties in composition:

  • Mixto (mixed)
  • 100% Blue Agave (only blue agave is used)

Tequila Mixto. Is made from 51% of agave juice and sugar additions. Sugar can be different, often it is sugar from reeds, which in Mexico grows very much. Sugar can be crystallized or unrefined, which is also simply called brown sugar. Even in tequila they can add, instead of sugar, corn syrup. Each added ingredient influences in its own way and changes the taste of tequila.

Premium (cien por ciento de agave). Consists of a 100% blue agave. In any case, no additives are mixed, this is a pure form of a tipple. It should be noted that real, pure drink is bottled only within Mexico.

National Tequila Daัƒ


What is the date of National Tequila Day 2022? The calendar has shed the light on this issue and we can turn to another part. Getting directly to said above, letโ€™s consider some unknown facts.

  1. Most of the famous beverage, available in our countries, is a low-quality alcoholic beverage, which is dishonest to call tequila. Why? It happens so due to the fact that drink after the distillation has two ways โ€“ the first โ€“ getting on the counter, and the second โ€“ to an oak barrel, where it stands out from a couple of months to two years. Naturally, most of the product is primary, without any exposure.

And by the way, both blanco and gold are the same things, both these grades are poor quality products. Gold is just called so because of the added caramel, which stains alcohol in a dark color.

High quality has reposado and anejo. The second one is aged in an oak barrel for several years. The most high-quality variety is extra-aniejo, with the exposure of up to six years. Exactly this beverage in quality is comparable with the best grades of cognac and whiskey.

  1. Tequila is simply an improved mezcal. The difference between our drink and mescal is approximately the same as between whiskey and scotch, but it outperforms this drink in quality. Mescal can be prepared from any sort of prickly lilies, but our beverage, as already mentioned above โ€” only from the “blue agave.”
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Generally speaking, each holiday has its own tradition of celebrating. National Tequila Day is not an exception.

Traditions came to a conclusion to celebrate this event by drinking such famous beverage and kick your feet up to move to the nearest bar having a nice day with your friends and relatives.

Furthermore, never forget to capture great moments and have a feedback on social media with #NationalTequilaDay2022.

Tequila Day Facts

The difference between tequila and vodka is that it is drunk at normal temperature without cooling, in a larger fortress, although all the same 40 degrees. They drink the beverage from piles with a thick bottom, which in Mexico is called “Caballito” โ€” “horse” in Spanish. Recognition of the traditional drinking “lick-drink-bite” โ€” this drink may seem like simple brew. Accordingly, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the drinking culture!

Summarizing everything said above, you can make a conclusion: there are many holidays all around the world every second but it would be nice for you to enjoy your life and celebrate a single one.


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