When is National Mango Day in 2022? Can you answer it immediately? Do you need some prompts or time for recollecting?  Unfortunately, as a rule, people answer all of these questions negatively. We find this situation to be unfair one and today we are going to introduce you this amazing special occasion. We are sure you will like it. Are you ready? We are starting.


Talking about the matter what day Mango Day in 2022 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of the special occasion. Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover the establishers of this holiday. At the same time we don’t know why we have to hold the occasion on July 22nd.

The border zone of India and Myanmar is the homeland of this fruit. In the 7th century BC it left the homeland with the Chinese traveler Hwen Sang for the first time and it began to develop other territories, three centuries later, Buddhist monks brought mangoes to Malaysia and East Asia.

It was brought to the Middle East and East Africa by Persian merchants in the 10th century. In 1742, with the Spanish sailors, the mango crossed the island Barbados and further to Brazil. In 1833, mango appears in the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

Throughout the 19th century, Americans adapted the tree to the conditions of Yucatan and Florida, until in 1900 the persistence of agronomists was not rewarded: the first fruits grown in North America went on sale.

Europe learned about the mango thanks to the Indian campaign of Alexander the Great, whose comrades-in-arms described the outlandish fruits. However, their delivery to regions remote from their habitats remained problematic until the advent of steamships.


What does Mango Day mean? Frankly speaking, we can’t even predict your attitude to this special occasion. Among the representatives of the modern society there are a lot of men and women, who adore this fruit. So they will be probably involved into the celebration. However, at the same time some people don’t like it or even haven’t tried.

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Growing only in warm tropical climates, mango never sheds its leaves. The tree reaches 10-45 m in height and 10 m in crown diameter. Varieties with small trees are considered more practical for cultivation on plantations.


Young mango leaves are born, having a reddish color, shades of color can be from yellowish pink to brownish red. Growing up, they become glossy and dark green, with a lighter underside. The leaves are simple, with a pronounced central vein, hanging on petioles thickened at the base, 3-12 cm long. The leaf shape varies from oval to elongated-lanceolate, the leaf length is 15-45 cm and up to 10 cm wide. The foliage smells of turpentine.


The question “When is International Mango Day 2022?” involves a lot of amazing details. Today we are going to represent you the most amazing ones. – All in all, mangoes are a great source of minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. The list of its useful properties is quite long. Here are some of them:

  • Strengthening the immune system, protecting the body from various infections and viruses.
  • Helping in the work of the digestive tract. Regular consumption of mangoes in food will help avoid constipation and establish normal bowel movements, as well as promote better protein absorption.
  • This fruit is characterized by a low glycemic index, so it can and should be consumed in case of diabetes mellitus. Mango copes well with the complications that this disease entailed.
  • In the prevention and treatment of eye diseases. For example, dry eye syndrome, burning and itching of the mucous membranes, night blindness, etc.
  • Inhibits the development of aging processes. Mango diced correctly
  • Prevents the appearance and development of malignant tumors, especially in places such as the oral cavity, large intestine, mammary glands.
  • This fruit is very useful during pregnancy, because contains a lot of iron and vitamin C, which are essential when carrying babies.
  • Fight obesity, because this fruit is low in calories and low in carbohydrates.
  • Reduces blood pressure due to its potassium content.
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When is Mango Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. The holiday has a fixed date of its celebration. It is held on July 22nd regularly. So memorizing it once, you won’t forget about it.

As you perhaps understand, this special occasion is not celebrated on the state level. The local authorities never organize tastings, parades and competitions this day.

However, there is no need for being worried or upset because of it. You may organize your own holiday. Are you ready? What about having something special this year?

Today we want to represent you three amazing ways to eat mango. Here is our list:

  • Place the mango on a plate. It is important to use the dish so that the juice stays in it. Hold the fruit upright and cut it open with a sharp knife. Divide the fruit into three parts: a pith with a bone and two halves with a pulp. In each half with pulp, it is necessary to draw something like a grate with the help of a knife, however, without touching the peel. Then turn inside out and cut into cubes into a plate. Then we enjoy the great taste. By the way it is possible to make delicious smoothies from mango.
  • Peel the mango like a potato, cutting off the skin in a thin layer. Then carefully, without squeezing the fruit, and cut the pulp around the stone. You can make small pieces, or you can cut into two semicircles. It depends on the ripeness of the mango and the skill of the person with the knife.
  • This method is also called “classic” or “bloody”, remembering the wild tribes for which mangoes were their daily food. The fruit is peeled and eaten immediately.
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National Mango Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Mango Day in 2022?” we found a lot of amazing pieces of information. Today we are going to share some of them with our followers.

In the Indian state of Kerala, there is a particular tree called Cerbera odollam. It is considered to be extremely dangerous to humans.

The danger comes from its poisonous fruit, which contains a toxin that is deadly to the heart. In their unripe form, they resemble mango fruits, so it is easy to be deceived, and this is fraught with death. The tree grows to a height of 15 meters, has dark green leaves and exudes a milky white latex sap. Its large white flowers exude a scent reminiscent of jasmine.

Scientists in France and India who have studied Cerbera odollam claim it is the world’s deadliest representatives of flora. More people die from its poison than from any other poisonous plant.

Children are often poisoned by the fruits, mistaking them for mango fruits. The poison of this tree is also often used to commit suicides and murders. In order to commit suicide, puree from the white kernel of the fruit with sugar is used. Assassins tend to add deadly puree to their victims’ food, and sprinkle everything with hot chili to fend off the poisonous taste. Death occurs 3-6 hours after eating. According to data collected by scientists, in the state of Kerala, from 1989 to 1999, the poison Cerbera odollam killed 537 people.

The killer tree grows not only in Kerala, but also in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Myanmar. One of the varieties of Cerbera odollam, known as Cerbera venenifera, is also common in Madagascar.


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