April 8 is celebrated International Buddhism Day. We bring to your attention several Buddhist parables.

  • 1.
    A parable about meditation

  • 2.
    Parable of happiness: Buddha and his wallet

  • 3.
    The cause of poverty

  • 4.
    A parable about resentment

A parable is a unique quintessence of folk wisdom, which is expressed in a figurative form and is built on the basis of life situations thanks to everyday observations of social life.

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A parable about meditation

Once the Buddha was asked…

– What did you get from meditation?

And he answered:

– Nothing! But look what I lost: anger, anxiety, sadness, doubts, fears, fear of old age and death.

Parable of happiness: Buddha and his wallet

Several opponents of Buddhism slapped the Buddha once as he passed by them. But he answered them only with a smile and wished for health.
Someone asked him:

– You smiled and wished them well, didn’t you feel anger towards them?

To which he replied:

– I can spend only what I have in my wallet.

The cause of poverty

One day a poor man met the Buddha and asked, “Teacher, why am I so poor?”

The Buddha replied, “Because you do not practice generosity.”

The poor man immediately thought that he must be very rich to practice this and said:

— But how can I practice generosity if I have nothing to give to others?

— You have five riches with which you could practice generosity, but you do not:

  • You can give smiles to others with your face, but you don’t.
  • With your own eyes, you can look at others with a look of love and care, but you don’t.
  • You can use your mouth to say something good for others, but you don’t.
  • With your heart you can wish happiness for others, but you don’t.
  • And with your body you can do something good for others, but you don’t do it.

A parable about resentment

One of the disciples asked the Buddha:

– If someone hits me, what should I do?

– If a dry branch falls on you from a tree and hits you, what will you do? he asked in response.

– What will I do? It is a simple coincidence, a simple coincidence that I was under a tree when a branch fell from it, – said the student.

Then the Buddha remarked:

– So do the same. Someone being mad and angry and hitting you is like a tree branch falling on your head. Don’t let it bother you, go on your way as if nothing had happened.

Buddhist parables


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