Let good and warm stories, woolen socks and hot tea add warmth and comfort every day when there is a lack of sun and warmth. Choose what warms the soul and gives light and joy.

A selection of warm books for the autumn-winter period from our Telegram channel ๐Ÿฆ‹ Artlife:

  • “Dandelion wine” R. Bradbury
  • “My Family and Other Animals” D. Darrell
  • “The House at the Edge of Night” K. Banner
  • “Waffle heart” M.Parr
  • “Moving Castle” Diana Wynn Jones
  • “Autumn” Ali Smith
  • “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” B. Smith
  • “Uve’s Second Life” F. Buckman
  • “Quiet words of love” WITH. Jio
  • “Gifts of the Magi” O. Henry
  • “Blackberry Winter” S. Gio
  • “Blackberry wine” D. Harris
  • “Chicken broth for the soul” D. Canfield
  • “The Thirteenth Tale” D. Setterfield
  • “With love, Rosie” S. Ahhern
  • “Tales of Old Vilnius” M. Fry
  • “Club of book lovers” M. Sheffer
  • “Beasts in my bed” D. Darrell
  • “Chocolate” D. Harris
  • “Fried green tomatoes at Polustanok cafe” F. Flagg
  • “Pollyanna” E. Porter
  • “Flowers for Mrs. Harris” P. Gellico
  • “Club of lovers of books and potato peel pies” Mary Ann Schaeffer & Annie Burroughs
  • “Surviving the winter in Stockholm” A. Pleyel
  • “Long Winter” Laura Ingles Wilder
  • “Pride and Prejudice” D. Austin

Books are a source of warmth and light


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