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🛢️ When is National Crush a Can Day 2022

When is National Crush a Can Day in 2022? Well, only a few modern people are able to answer this question immediately and without any hesitations, while the others have hardly heard about the existence of this useful holiday in the calendar. Frankly speaking, from the ecological point of view, it is a sad thing indeed, because we use a huge amount of different types of vessels all around a year and all of them have to be recycled in order to keep our planet clean and saved. Today we are going to investigate the matter in details. Would you like to join?


The investigation of such matter as what day Crush a Can Day in 2022 is seems impossible without the mentioning of the historical background of the special occasion. Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find any information available about the establishers of this event as well as about the reasons to hold it on September 27th exactly. However, it is possible to say for sure, that the holiday like this was introduced in order to draw the public attention to such an important problem as a recycling. Up to the present moment it is thought to be a global one, so it requires the international approach to be solved.

All in all the contemporary system for collecting and processing vessels was developed and first used in 1968 by Reynolds Metals (USA). Today it is considered to be the most developed in the world. In their turn, in European countries, on average, about 70% of these vessels are usually disposed. For example, in Poland, about 50% of all cans are made from recycled materials.

The world’s first cans appeared in Europe in 1972. The pioneer here was the company “HUBER VERPACKUNGEN” (Germany). The initial capacity was about five liters. The special food tin with a coating was used for their manufacture. The pure aluminum using for such containers was already problematic, as there were some problems with high-quality fastening of parts and the overall strength of the structure.


What does Crush a Can Day mean? Actually this question may be answered only by every person himself/herself. You see, we don’t know you personally as well as you individual surrounding, that is why we are not able even to predict your attitude to the process of can recycling. As the statistics shows, among the contemporary men and women there are a lot of those, who still consider this matter to be unimportant one. So it is not a great surprise that they won’t be involved.

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Today in Europe there are two different models for the can disposal: German and French. In both cases, cash deductions for the disposal of vessels on the account of the recycling organization are made by manufacturers of this type of packaging.

According to the old version of the German system, which existed until 2003, pedantic and law-abiding German people used these vessels not to dump them in standard garbage cans for general municipal waste, but in specialized yellow containers for recycled packaging. Sorting and further processing of waste was carried out by companies specializing in this. In 2002, the German government approved a new beer can recycling plan. From January 1, 2003 in Germany, used this type of cans should no longer be thrown away, but can be handed over for money to the store where the drink was purchased (an empty can is estimated at 25 cents). According to the German authorities, such a measure will reduce the number of cans on the side of the street, while facilitating the disposal of used containers.

According to the French system, the municipality of each city receives a certain amount for each ton of utilized waste. At the same time, the municipal authorities are interested both in the global collection of all garbage, and in its efficient, but relatively inexpensive recycling. If the recycling system in the city is well-established, waste recycling starts to bring income to the city, if not, you have to invest the municipality’s own funds in recycling.


Discovering the question “When is International Crush a Can Day 2022?” we came to the conclusion that we have to introduce our readers some essential pieces of information. For example, not everybody knows that unlike other materials, aluminum can be used for processing many times. The production of high-grade products from it is almost unlimited. In addition, we have to mention that the production of aluminum by processing waste one is incomparably more profitable (especially in energy terms) than the smelting from aluminum-containing minerals, which brings good profit to the recycling company.

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A significant share in increasing the degree of processing of these containers belongs to the import of used cans. Due to the high demand for recycled cans in the USA, the contemporary industry buys used cans from Mexico, Canada and other countries. In the USA they are processed and new ones are made from them. The American Aluminum Association (Aluminum Assn.) has included imported cans in its reports since 1972.


When is Crush a Can Day in 2022, calendar will remind you under any circumstances. However, under the condition you are planning to be involved in 2022, you should remember that the holiday is celebrated every year on September 27 and it happens all over the planet in developed and some developing countries.

As you perhaps understand there are no any special events devoted to this matter. However, in practice, some eco-friendly organizations try to draw the public attention to this matter through various meetings, gatherings and lectures.

You may spend the next September 27th investigating the matter in details. Nowadays there have been a huge amount of different articles, magazines, newspapers, Internet sites and documentaries devoted to it. Choose something convenient for yourself and discover the problem. Try to combine as many people as it is possible and convince them to recycle. In such a simple way you will help the planet to be much healthier.

National Crush a Can Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Crush a Can Day in 2022?” we can’t but mention the absolute record level for this kind of can recycling in the USA. The American industry organization, which unites manufacturers and suppliers of metal cans industry in the USA, reported that the degree of processing these cans in the country in 2016 was 76%.

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This is the highest indicator since the 1990s and the second record indicator in the history of industry statistics since 1972. For 2022, the planned indicator of the degree of recycling is set at 85%. A rate of 76% means that in 2015, the aluminum can industry processed around 72 billion local and imported aluminum cans and delivered 102 billion new cans to the US market.

In Europe and the USA, the share of aluminum containers is 90%, and only a small part of the products is rolled up in cans (thin sheet metal coated with tin). The reason for the popularity of aluminum is not only in its functional properties (the surface prevents oxidation, low weight, bright design), but also in the economy of this type of packaging: the benefits of remelting and reusing scrap metal are undeniable. The energy saved through recycling is equivalent to 19 million barrels of crude oil, which would allow refueling more than 1.7 million cars during the whole year.

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