When is National Floral Design Day in 2020? โ€“ Are you ready to reply this question without any hesitation and prompt from our side? As a rule, people answer negatively. They donโ€™t know that initially this holiday was created as a special way to spend a birthday of Carl Rittner, who was the founder of so-called Rittners School of Floral Design. The institution was open to public in Boston and it happened over 60 years ago.

But letโ€™s talk about everything in details. Are you ready? โ€“ We are going to start just now.


As a rule, discovering the questions like, what day Floral Design Day in 2020 is, we would like to give our followers as much amazing facts as it is possible. Our readers are interested in everything. However, the nuances of historical background are among the most requested ones.

The mentioned above Mr. Rittner is believed to be a pioneer in floral art education. The men and women of that period felt that idea of flowered design for holiday parties were a great idea. In such a way the thought of celebrating the birthday of that lady in a special way appeared.

Floral Design

What we now used to call a “floral print” appeared tens of thousands of years ago. Initially it had a sacred meaning for mankind. With the development of ancient people’s trade, ornaments have not only been interpreted differently, but also carry a much more powerful artistic principle. Gradually, the styles and images of the ornament migrated to clothing, becoming more complex and gaining more and more importance.

Vegetative patterns began to appear in the ornaments of ancient empires:

  • in Persian drawings both men and women often used blossoming flowers of chamomile or daisies;
  • in ancient Egypt clothes were decorated with lotus flowers;
  • in ancient Greece, a pattern of palmetto, reminiscent of palm leaves, was applied on clothing.

But only in Chinese and Japanese culture the plant world has ceased to be something purely decorative and has acquired its own language and subtext: it is known that in Chinese painting the stems of bamboo personified perseverance and wisdom, wild plums – friendship, peony flowers – nobility and wealth, flower and butterfly is love.

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At the same time, a thin flower border could pass along the edge of clothing or cover a small cloth with all the fabric. And do not forget the flowered silks that have been produced in Japan and China for many centuries. These fabrics (especially in the early 19th century) had a great influence on European artists and European art in general, giving rise to a fashion for orientalism.


What does Floral Design Day mean? โ€“ Well, we are not able to answer this question instead of you. You see, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate the holiday like this, or to forget about it completely.

Unfortunately, the flower print did not have much popularity and came into fashion only in the 18th century. Although, it should be noted that every period in the history of the European costume, this design was used in one way or another. Thus, Italian textiles embroidered with flowers began to be valued from the 14th century, and already in the 18th century the most fashionable fabrics began to be produced in France: individual flowers and whole bouquets appeared on them.

All in all vegetable print was very popular in the 1970s. In place of the screaming artistic drawings of the 1960s came soft plant patterns and fabrics with a small print. Return to the tranquility of nature and rural life was one of the main trends of the decade, along with others – glam rock, disco, punk and sport style on the streets.

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Investigating the question โ€œWhen is International Floral Design Day 2020?โ€, we would like to share various pieces of information.

The popularity of this design appeared in the era of rococo, when the fashion was introduced the fine silk dresses, requiring elegant drawings. Historical sources say that in the first half of the eighteenth century, the famous Anna Maria Gartwaite worked in England, drawing a huge number of patterns for silk fabrics, some of which, fortunately, have reached to the present day.

They became a kind of classic of the genre – because if before that time on the fashion of France the strongest influence was rendered by France, now its own, recognizable “English style” is being developed.

In addition to the ornaments themselves, the development techniques are also developing: they could be embroidered, weaved the patterned fabric, and made a printed pattern (it was then that the bright summer fabrics that were not shed during washing were called “chintz”).


When is Floral Design Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. It will happen on February 28th. By the way, the date of this event is fixed, that is why you can be involved any moment you like or want.

Of course, the holiday is considered to be non-official that it why it isnโ€™t celebrated on state level certainly. But this is not a reason for being upset. โ€“ You can always invent some certain traditions for yourself. Of course, the best idea would be to dress something in this style. Are you ready to join? โ€“ We would like to give you some recommendations then.

flower shop

The main rule of creating the proper look is the right choice of accessories, they should not be too “flashy” and catchy, and the turnover should be monophonic and simple.

It is also very important to make the right choice of style, the brighter and more colorful the floral print, the simpler and laconic the cut of clothing should be.

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Another recommendation is not to put on both top and bottom with a floral print. For example, trousers or a skirt with a floral print is desirable to dilute a single-colored pastel top and vice versa.

Flower image is suitable both for work and for informal pastime.

So if you are going to create a romantic image, then this direction is what you need. The design always gives extra femininity and tenderness.

National Floral Design Day Facts

Discovering the question โ€œWhat is the date of Floral Design Day 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention the significance of this direction in contemporary clothes.

As a rule, in spring the floral print is becoming more urgent. During warm seasons we especially want fresh bright colors. Colorful peonies, tender roses, cute daisies create a romantic, pleasant atmosphere for everyone around. Clothes with flower applications and floral pattern are considered to be a trend that has been in fashion for several years.

Up to the present moment, this type of decoration can be found in almost all items of the women’s wardrobe, in its different manifestations from a small element on clothes to the total look. You can choose for yourself whatever you like: a dress, a skirt, an outerwear, trousers or accessories with these wonderful samples and make your image gentle and even light. Nowadays it is very popular in clothes.

Flowers can be large or small, as well as to be represented in combinations with other patterns. This type fits all regardless of the age, growth or composition of the figure, the main thing is to make the right choice of the size of the flower pattern for your type of figure.

The most classic and familiar version looks in gentle flowing air chiffon dresses. In a dress of this type any woman will become not only desirable and mysterious, but will also look younger than her years.


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