World Day for the Protection of Marine Mammals (Whale Day)

World Day for the Protection of Marine Mammals (Whale Day) is celebrated every year on February 19. World Whale Day was established on February 19, 1986, when the International Whaling Commission banned the commercial hunting of whales and the sale of whale meat worldwide. That is why this day is celebrated as the day of protection of whales and other marine mammals. This day is not the only day of honoring these majestic creatures – July 23 is also the day of whales, and some countries have their own days of honoring them. World Whale and Dolphin Day is celebrated every year on February 19.

The ban on hunting whales is still in effect today, but the whaling industry is not the only threat to these animals. There are other factors that reduce the number of whales, dolphins and other marine mammals – the existence of dolphinariums, oceanariums and circuses, pollution and loss of their habitat, some countries continue to kill cetaceans supposedly “for scientific purposes”.

The same purpose of this day is to remind us of the challenges facing our oceans and their inhabitants around the world and to raise awareness of the growing need to protect these majestic mammals. Every year on February 19, various conservation organizations hold demonstrations to protect these amazing creatures.

This is a day when it is important to learn more about whales, because they can be considered symbols of marine nature itself – huge, powerful, but so defenseless before humanity. All of us are now in a situation where we simply cannot ignore these challenges any longer.

It’s time to act! Dispose of your waste properly and recycle it whenever possible. With the hashtag #WorldWhaleDay, you can share your thoughts and read the opinions of other people who care about this issue.

World Whale and Dolphin Day
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