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When is National Masturbation Day 2018

When is National Masturbation Day in 2018? This is an interesting question, but many people will answer you that they don’t know even if they do. Why? – You see, this activity is considered to be rather intimate and people prefer not to share their thoughts as to this matter.


Of course, the question “When is International Masturbation Day 2018?”, like all other matters belonging to this category, needs the explanation and clarification of some moments from the historical background of this event.

National Masturbation Day is an unusual occasion, which initially was held in some circles mostly in Britain and Australia. By the way, there people have used to call it as «Wankers Day».

Nowadays it is considered to be an annual event, which is celebrated on May 28. Initially it was organized in order to protect the right of people to do this.

For the first time it was observed on May 14, 1995. It was sex-positive retailer called Good Vibrations that proposed and then declared the event. This decision was made in honor of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders. It happened in 1994, when this man was fired by President Bill Clinton. What did he do? – Nothing special in general. – He just suggested telling about the masturbation as a part of the modern sex education curriculum for contemporary students. Doyou see any crime there? – We don’t!

Man Masturbating


What does National Masturbation Day mean? – Oh, frankly speaking, it is difficult to explain, what event is held on May 7th annually.

As it has been already mentioned above, it appeared as a memorable date in 1995 in the US, but it quickly became international. The day was created in order to encourage people to talk openly about their sexual lives.

For many contemporary guys and ladies, this topic is taboo. Parents do not talk about this with children, and in educational institutions this theme is usually avoided. As a result, a teenager or an adult in general, being interested from time to time, tries to find some suitable answers on specialized sites

All in all, masturbation is the process of stimulating the own sexual organs in order to bring to orgasm. Before the term was introduced officially, it was introduced by famous psychotherapist Sigmund Freud.

However, the scientist also applied this concept to young children who, after a certain stage of puberty, begin to study their sexual organs, touching them, which gives some pleasure. However, this action does not bring the kids to orgasm, so the researcher in the field of sexology, Alfred Kinsey, introduced the term «masturbation» as a designation of the act, whose goal is to get a relaxation and orgasm.

We should also mention that before the appearance of the sexual revolution, at least until Freud proved that masturbation is absolutely harmless to health and psyche, and in many cases even useful, the attitude toward self-satisfaction was negative.


Talking about the matter, what day World Masturbation Day in 2018 is, we want to say that this action or the removal of sexual tension is the norm for every person and this is the development of healthy sexuality, the development of a sexual skill. And if you compare masturbation, for example, with running, then before running a marathon — a person trains, and not necessarily with someone, he/she can train himself/herself on the treadmill. He watches what pulse, how many minutes he/she can run, explores the body, and only after that starts running a marathon.

So it is with masturbation. When a person fully knows the own body, develops the erogenous zones, then he/she can «run a marathon» and completely enter into sex life. But masturbation has a danger that it will be the only way of sexual satisfaction. The fact is that masturbation is much easier than a sexual act. And if you compare the automatic machine in the car with the box, then you sit down — you press the button, the pedal and you go. But if it’s a mechanic, you start, and you need to switch gears and squeeze the clutch. The problem is that a person does not want to adapt to another person, he/she starts lazy.

The second aspect is psychopathology, when a person can’t control masturbation. The reason here is in the psychological aspect.

But in general with the help of masturbation, neurosis, psychological stress is removed.


When is Masturbation Day in 2018, calendar will inform you without any additional problems. And we are sure that you have already known how to spend May 7thproperly.

Don’t be afraid and do it a last. Let this day to bring you enjoyment and new experience.

You see, well known American sexologist Kinsey conducted a study in which he showed that 90% of people masturbate. That is, if a friend says that he/she does not masturbate, then he/she just lies or does not want to talk. Nine out of ten people masturbate and that’s fine. It is a form of life. It’s just that we live in a society that does not accept it. And why? — Because, from masturbation, children are not born, one can’t become pregnant and become infected with venereal diseases.

Although, there are studies that if a girl after unprotected sexual intercourse masturbates for an hour, then the probability of pregnancy increases several times. Orgasmic attempts and changes in acidity contribute to a greater probability of pregnancy. Therefore, sometimes masturbation helps to get pregnant.

Girl Masturbating

And about pleasure, in any case, orgasmic sensations contribute to the release of endorphins, which have a calming effect, both relaxing and anesthetizing. It’s a silly thing not to use this opportunity.

But we must limit ourselves in a civilized framework. We do not have to masturbate every day several times, do not have to do it with someone who is not interested and should not masturbate to the detriment of the possibility of getting pregnant — because if we fixate on masturbation with the goal that we do not have children, this is also bad.

International Masturbation Day Facts

Discussing the question “What is the date of National Masturbation Day in 2018?” we want to give our readers a great amount of various facts, which are considered to be rather curious.

All in all there are two phases of sexual development — child and adolescent. In childhood, about one and a half years to two years for a child, the genitals are more like a search. He/she does not understand what else is happening. Then the baby begins to understand that somehow you can enjoy these zones. Already closer to 4 years the child begins to differentiate, to hide and the frequency of this accent on his / her genitals is slowly coming down.

At 7-8 years already comes the understanding of what is good, what is bad, and what can and can’t not be. Most socially-adapted children find out what is possible and what is not. At this age there is a school, toys, development, friends, and it either goes away for a while, or the child hides as much as possible, so that no one sees it.

Since the age of 10 years old when there is an active social development, in principle behavioral reactions with their genitals are no different from the older age. The children will recognize their zones.

As for psychopathy, when a person can have sexololism and fixate on masturbation, this is a rare concept, and already at a relatively advanced age a lady or a guy finds out that there is a problem. They understand that this is more of a trouble than pleasure.

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